• I lost my Insurance Certificate. Can I get another one to replace it?


One has to fill a declaration form and get it signed by a legal officer then return to Corporate Insurance.


  • I sold my car and bought another one and I would like to transfer my insurance to the new car. Is it possible? If so, what is the process?


In this case if the car is brought to Corporate Insurance as a write-off then a discharge voucher is generated indicating the company pin.


  • I would like to change my agent. How can I go about it?


In this case one writes a letter citing the reasons of change and nominates the new agent.

  • I overpaid my premium. What is the process for a refund?

In this case one writes a letter to claim the refund or can choose to transfer the refund to a new policy.


  • Will I get a refund if I decide to cancel my policy?


Yes, this is dependent on the period of cancellation and also the period of the policy.


  • How fast can the payments be processed?


Payments are processed in very good time and this is also dependent on the type of claim/policy taken.