Corporate Insurance Company Limited.

Corporate Insurance Company Limited was incorporated on 9th June, 1982 and is registered by the Insurance Regulatory Authority as a Composite Insurance Company transacting both Life and General Insurance business.

It has its Registered Office and Head Office at International House, Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi, with branches in the City Centre, Mombasa and Kisumu.

To be a leading provider of quality integrated financial services in East Africa.

To provide financial security, be an employer of choice and deliver optimum returns to stakeholders.






Our asset base includes prime properties such as: - Villa De Corporate - Nairobi, Corporate Place - Nairobi, Corporate House - Mombasa etc

The Company Board is committed to the development and implementation of policies that anchor sound corporate governance practices in the Company. The Board is responsible for the proper governance of the Company and is accountable to the shareholders and ensures that the Company complies with the highest standards of good corporate governance and business ethics. The Company attaches great importance to the need to conduct our business with integrity and fairness. 

As a corporate citizen, we are conscious that our business success depends on the goodwill of the society in which we operate. The Company believes in adding value to the Kenyan society by investing in economic and social development activities. We realize our responsibilities to Society through activities that develop good social relationship, environmental conservation and donations to charitable causes and programmes. The Company supports Huruma Children’s Home in Ngong and has provided the Home with free insurance cover.

Our business is built on trust and we have therefore strived to develop a Company that is not only ethical but also conducts its affairs ethically and fairly. This is achieved by following insurance principles and complying with all statutory requirements.

We continuously evaluate our business process to make sure that they are customer friendly and keep pace with the ever changing business environment. Our products also undergo constant review to ensure that the respond to the emerging needs of our clients.

Our reinsurance treaty is placed with prominent local and international Reinsurers and Reinsurance Brokers. We have earned the confidence of local, continental and the world insurance community through our contacts and proven ability to access many markets. We also have the support of the local insurance market through facultative reinsurance as and when required.

J.B. Boda & Co PVT Ltd - India

First Reinsurance Brokers – Kenya

Africa Reinsurance Company

Kenya Reinsurance Corporation

Zep (PTA) Reinsurance Company

General Insurance Corporation (GIC)

Association of Kenya Insurers

Insurance Institute of Kenya

Organisation of Eastern and Southern Africa Insurers

African Insurers Organisation

Kenya Institute of Management

Kenya Federation of Employers (FKE)

Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA)

International House,

Mama Ngina Street,

P. O. Box 34172, 00100 – Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: 020 2717617 (Pilot),0207187658000

Cell: 0728 700093


Corporate House, Mvita Road, Off Treasury Road

P. O. Box 99397, 80107 - Mombasa, Kenya

Tel: 041 2225190 / 2229231,

Mega Plaza, 3rd Floor - Wing B

P. O. Box 3596, 40100 – Kisumu

Tel: 057 2025703


I am honoured to be the Chairman of Corporate Insurance and have been involved with the company for many years, initially as a Director but more recently as the Chairman. The company has operated in Kenya for the past thirty-seven years. During that time we have passed many milestones both in terms of
the development of our product offering, our business performance and our customer relationships. It has been a challenging journey. The most popular insurance product in Kenya was originally motor vehicle insurance, but over the years this has changed and we are now able to offer our customers a variety of tailor-made products that provides them with the peace of mind that should disasters occur they have financial back up to “weather the storm”.

I believe that our success is attributable to the quality and professionalism of our team. They share an understanding of our customers’ needs and an all-round knowledge of insurance.
Our team is more than just the people who we employ. It also includes brokers, agents, reinsurers who are scattered throughout Kenya to ensure that there is always someone near to you to offer advice.

Both our Management and our Board of Directors (BOD) are committed to ensuring that we comply with the regulatory obligations and that we are able to continue to offer you a high standard of service and insurance cover. The Company continuously strives to maintain high ethical standards, and create products and services that provide value to our customers.

New developments in the industry, particularly in the area of IT, has enabled us to provide quick and efficient service in response to our customers needs. Our strength in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) means that you as our customers can more readily access the company, its people and our products.

Insurance is not fully understood in the Kenyan market and many people have doubts and questions on how it might benefit them.

If you have issues or questions on how insurance can make your life less worrisome then you could do no better than talk to us. Whether it is through this website, talking to the Corporate team or our large field agents network we can answer your questions. You will find our people friendly, knowledgeable and ready to guide you in what is sometimes a complex field.

With this in mind I welcome you to the Corporate Insurance website, Karibu

My Dear Esteemed Customers and Stakeholders. I am
pleased to have this opportunity to express my appreciation to our esteemed customers and stakeholders.

It is only with your support, that we have been able to build the Corporate Insurance Company Limited over the years to be a solid organization, that strives to remain competitive in the insurance market. I am proud of what we stand for today, in the eve changing times.

We have the good fortune of having a knowledgeable and diverse Board of Directors, who are committed to the success of the organization, and always aiming higher to ensure optimum “Customer Satisfaction”. Speaking on behalf of the Board of Directors, we deliberately pursue excellence, promote growth and adhere to the governance and all regulatory processes. We encourage a regular review of Board performance, to ensure there is focus, a swift flow of information, and strategic decision making processes, as we embark on the provision of
quality services.

I am gratified by the openness, knowledge, zeal, ambition and commitment of the Board members, and the management team and staff of the Corporate Insurance Company Limited,
who collectively ensure that our Company operates at the highest levels of performance.

The Board is pleased with the continued support received from our partners over the years, and the valuable feedback received from time to time, which greatly helps in the review of the Company’s practices and policies, to ensure we continue to be “the insurer of choice”.

In summary, it is our mandate to ensure that we not only meet, but rather, exceed our customers’ expectations, and that they are fully satisfied with our services, as we remain
loyal and devoted to them.

Thank you.

In the ever changing competitive insurance market, we at Corporate Insurance Company Limited understand that embracing a “customer focused strategy” is critical to our success. We are on a transformation journey and our teams are unrelenting in applying their best of knowledge to satisfy our

We believe that as an insurer, we must sustain a credible reputation of being in a position to compensate our customers when calamity strikes. We are committed to pay valid claims swiftly, to the satisfaction of the clients. We
believe that customer focused service levels and delivery of products, good corporate governance practices, and compliance with regulation can have a significant impact on our Company’s sustainability.

Our Company underwrites both Life and General business. We have a diverse product range that is tailored to suit our varied customer needs. This has earned us a credible reputation in the industry related to our solid principles in underwriting, prompt settlement of claims, and our ability to provide technical support and guidance to our clients.

We are committed to our customers, and continually focused on their satisfaction by ensuring we have competent staff with high professional qualifications, solid experience and a commitment in delivering excellent service.

As well, in the interest of continuous improvement, we have embarked on a digital transformation journey.

We believe the customer is paramount. Our commitment is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction in everything we do.

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Was incorporated on 9th June, 1982 and is registered by the Insurance Regulatory Authority as a Composite Insurance Company transacting both Life and General Insurance business.